Laptop Repair Near Me

We’ve all had it happen-you’re working on an important project with a tight deadline when suddenly your laptop crashes! Even if you have your data backed up, it’s a hassle to repair your old laptop or transfer your data to a new one. Technology Services is here to help. Our experienced technicians can help with any sticky situation you may find yourself in as a result of a laptop failure. Choose us to be your trusted technology partner, especially when you need laptop repair.laptop repair near me

Laptop repair can be expensive if you don’t select the right company in the beginning. Here are some tips to help you find the best laptop repair company near you:

  • Ask your friends for recommendations. It could be that your friends or family know of a reliable, trustworthy company. Don’t rely on a flashy website when choosing your repair company.
  • Ask for references. If you can’t get any, you should keep looking. Good places to check are Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, and Thumbtack, to name a few.
  • Check LinkedIn for history on the technician or the company. True professionals will have a long history of success in the technology industry. Which would you prefer-a doctor fresh out of med school, or a seasoned board-certified doctor?
  • Ask for proof of insurance. If a technician is repairing your laptop and happens to accidentally damage your hardware or, worse yet, destroy some data, will you be able to recover your valuable investment?

Why should you choose us to for our laptop repair?

  • We are bonded and insured. While we never plan on accidents, if they do happen we have coverage!
  • We offer 24/7 support (additional fees apply). Nights and weekends are often the only time you have to recover from a laptop failure. We’re here to help any time of day or night!
  • We are trusted by dozens of clients for our integrity and honesty. We put customers first, and it shows!

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